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da’play – Cantaloupe Island Prep 1 – Fm7 to Db7#11

da’play – Cantaloupe Island Prep 1 is a backing track to help with improvising over the first chord change of the famous Cantaloupe track. Not a play along track of the complete chorus, but a vamp over the first two chords Fm7 and Db7#11 in a typical funk style to polish the transitions.

Here, the chords are Fm7 and Db7#11. For these chords you have some options as to what scales you could play over each of them.

For example over Fm7 you could play the F Blues scale, F Dorian or F Aeolian.

Over the Db7#11 chord you could play the Db Lydian Dominant scale, also known as Lydian b7 or Mixolydian #11, or continue playing the F Blues scale, but without playing the C note in the scale.

When I play over this track I like to play with the notes, but also with phrasing. With the track being in straight time and quite simple, I tend think about how many rhythmic words I can come up with. So, my focus is not so much on the notes themselves, since that becomes more trivial over time, but on how many different rhythmic ideas I can generate.

Have fun and let me know how you get on! 😊

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