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da’play – Am6 D9 and F# Half Diminished

A little twist on the common ii V progression.
Usually, one would play Am7 and D7, with the typical options for improving over them, for example using the arpeggios of those chords:

Am7: A C E G
D7: D F# A C

Hereby one would typically play the G note for the Am7 chord and change to the F# note for the D7.

However, if we modify the chords a little bit, from Am7 to Am6, and extend D7 to D9, and mix arpeggios and pentatonics, we would end up with:

Am6: A C D E F#
D7: D E F# A C

The notes are the same for both chords… 🙂
Regardless of whether this is musically pleasing or not, you can use this backing track to practise this new dominant pentatonic scale 🙂

And what notes would you use over the F#m7b5 (half-dimished) chord?