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da’play – Cantaloupe Island Prep 3 – Dm7 to Fm7

da’play – Cantaloupe Island Prep 3 is the third backing track in the series to prepare improvising over the chord changes of the famous Cantaloupe track. Here the focus is on the transition between Dm7 and going back to Fm7.

In the prep 1 and prep 2 videos, we’ve already discussed what scale choices could be made. Here, we’re starting with the Dm7 harmony and moving from there to Fm7. Scalewise, for Dm7 you could play D minor pentatonic, D Phrygian, D Dorian or D Aeolian. Over Fm7 you could play F minor pentatonic, F blues and/or F Dorian.

For this track you could experiment with ‘copying’ a phrase from D minor pentatonic into F minor pentatonic. And you have two options: You could simply transpose the D minor phrase up a minor third, i.e. three frets. Or, you could imagine both pentatonics on top of each other and you make the transitions in situ. For example, the line D F G A wold morph into Eb F Ab Bb.

As usual, have fun and post in the comments how you get on! 😊

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