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da’play – Cantaloupe Island Prep 2 – Db7#11 to Dm7

da’play – Cantaloupe Island Prep 2 is a backing track to help with improvising over the second chord change of the famous Cantaloupe track. Not a play along track of the complete chorus, but a vamp over the first two chords Db7#11 and Dm7 in a typical funk style to polish the transitions.

Here, the chords are Db7#11 and Dm7. For these chords you have some options as to what scales you could play over each of them.

Over Db7#11 chord you could play the Db Lydian Dominant scale, also known as Lydian b7 or Mixolydian #11, or play the F Blues scale, but without playing the C note in the scale.

Over Dm7 you could play D minor pentatonic, D Phrygian, D Dorian or D Aeolian.

Once you’ve made your scale choices, you could try and figure out what notes appear in both scales/chords, and which notes are different. When the notes are different you can bring out that difference by emphasising those notes. Whereas if you want to blend the sections together, you can work more with the notes that both scales/chords have in common.

Have fun and let me know how you get on! 😊

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